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Reading is one of my biggest passions and it has always been something that I turned to for enjoyment, understanding, comfort, and escape. I enjoy reading young adult and urban fantasy books, but I will jump to other genres if I hear if something is really great.

Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior - Sherrilyn Kenyon I enjoyed reading this book because of all the new updates in the entire story line. I felt as though the relationship between Jericho and Delphine was wrapped up very quickly and not dealt with in depth. Also, there were a lot of characters with 'J' names in this book, Jericho I was able to keep track of, but Jaden and Jared have very similar names. When they were used closely together in the same paragraph I felt as though I had to reread the paragraph to make sure I was correctly understanding who did what. Overall, it was an interesting read to know the updates in the story.