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Reading is one of my biggest passions and it has always been something that I turned to for enjoyment, understanding, comfort, and escape. I enjoy reading young adult and urban fantasy books, but I will jump to other genres if I hear if something is really great.

Born of the Night

Born of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon I was really surprised by this book. I have not been a very big fan of sci-fi novels in the past but this one really blew me away. I like romance novels that don't involve entirely the characters having lots of sex, and this one definitely lived up to my standard. This book allows you to become attached to the characters and the author does a good job of describing the planets and people. But doesn't go overboard on the describing either. I would definitely recommend this book for people that are looking for a good book to read, even if you don't like romance novels, I would say give this series a shot.