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Reading is one of my biggest passions and it has always been something that I turned to for enjoyment, understanding, comfort, and escape. I enjoy reading young adult and urban fantasy books, but I will jump to other genres if I hear if something is really great.

The Eye of Minds (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner I was pretty disappointed about this book the entire time I was reading it. I really enjoyed the Maze Runner series and so I wanted to continue with this and see if it got any better as I continued to read. Unfortunately, it didn't. As I was reading it, there were sentences that I just didnt need to be there and didn't make a lot of sense why a character would do or say something. There were many scenes with Michael, Sarah, and Bryson when they were "joking" around with each other, that just seemed really fake. Like it was an adult writing a book about what he thinks teens sound like, but they aren't like that at all. Again, there were many sentences as Michael (the protagonist) was describing the environment or his friends that just didn't flow smoothly. To be quite honest, it seemed like a author's first book. I don't know what changed so much from the Maze Runner series to this one, but I could've cared less what happened to Michael and his friends and none of the "twists" were all that surprising to me.