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Reading is one of my biggest passions and it has always been something that I turned to for enjoyment, understanding, comfort, and escape. I enjoy reading young adult and urban fantasy books, but I will jump to other genres if I hear if something is really great.

More Than This

More Than This - Patrick Ness I am not feeling this one. I need to read some other things first. I might come back to it.
Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge 4.5 starsThis was a fun read and an interesting spin on the beauty and beast fairy tale.
The Library Marketing Toolkit - Ned Potter This was an extremely informative professional title about marketing and advocacy for the library. Potter doesn't use marketing lingo or anything that may make it difficult to digest. It is also nice that this isn't just the another general "marketing tips" books, but actually provides suggestions from case studies from real librarians in different settings. This made it very easy and quick to read and not the the usual textbooks or professional titles which could make someone fall asleep after the first chapter. I would definitely recommend this to any library looking for tips to improve their marketing in an easy to understand format.
Red Rising - Pierce Brown Wow...this is one of the best books I have read in a while.
Mouse Bird Snake Wolf - David Almond, Dave McKean This was alright. Nothing was really resolved. There was creating done by the children and then uncreating when they realized their mistake . I wasn't a huge fan of the art work and I think some of the art was a little too scary for younger children, even though it is a short graphic novel.

The Eye of Minds (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner I was pretty disappointed about this book the entire time I was reading it. I really enjoyed the Maze Runner series and so I wanted to continue with this and see if it got any better as I continued to read. Unfortunately, it didn't. As I was reading it, there were sentences that I just didnt need to be there and didn't make a lot of sense why a character would do or say something. There were many scenes with Michael, Sarah, and Bryson when they were "joking" around with each other, that just seemed really fake. Like it was an adult writing a book about what he thinks teens sound like, but they aren't like that at all. Again, there were many sentences as Michael (the protagonist) was describing the environment or his friends that just didn't flow smoothly. To be quite honest, it seemed like a author's first book. I don't know what changed so much from the Maze Runner series to this one, but I could've cared less what happened to Michael and his friends and none of the "twists" were all that surprising to me.
Fortunately the Milk - Gaiman Neil It was a cute book for elementary school age. Skottie Young's art was spectacular as always.
Talisman Of El - Alecia Stone This book was on my Nexus and I have just lost interest in reading it from all the other books that I have available to read.

Mind Games

Mind Games - Wow...I am so disappointed in this book. I was hoping it to be a super cool X-Men type of school that were working for a crime lord, and it failed miserably. You never find out what Keane is really working toward, or what Fia does on any of her missions. She just says that she does them.I much preferred reading from Annie's pov because she wasn't psychotic. Fia drove me crazy the entire book, I hated the tapping and saying the three words every few sentences. It was just a constant stream of consciousness when reading from Fia's pov and it was distracting and I never cared about happened to Fia either way.Only reason I am giving this two stars is for Annie's parts of the story. But I won't be checking out the second book.


Earthbound - Aprilynne Pike I am actually pretty surprised with this book. I was really interested in the outcome, and while the twists were pretty predictable, I was having a good time reading it. There is enough action throughout to keep it interesting until the end. I will definitely be reading the next in the series.

The Testing

The Testing - Joelle Charbonneau This was a good read and kept my interest, but the comparisons to The Hunger Games are not quite true. It is true they have a similar theme, in which a girl is sent to a series of trials where only a select number of candidates return from. But I didnt really connect with Cia in the beginning of the book and felt that there was a lack of world building in parts of this books, and parts that were hard for me to believe. For example, I never understood why the Tosu officials gathered the smartest students from around the country and then put them through tests that killed them off. If the whole world is practically destroyed from the Seven Stage War, then wouldnt you want the brightest students helping rebuild it? That slight lack of world building and a few other thins throughout the book were aggravating and are why I deducted a star from my rating.However, this was still a good read and I am looking forward to the next book.

MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - 3.5 stars
Doomed - Tracy Deebs Absolutely one of the worst books I have ever read. Couldn't even make it 100 pages.
The Holders - Julianna Scott I really enjoyed this book and found the plot to be very refreshing from most other teen paranormal romance. I thought that Becca was a very relatable character and I appreciated the relationships she had throughout the book, besides Alex. Mr Reid and Mr Anderson were by far my favorite characters.However, there were some concerns I had with this book. Some people may disagree with me but I found the feelings that Becca had for Alex were very insta-love with some convenient explanations. I also, found the book extremely predictable. While I realize this is an ARC I was surprised at the amount of grammatical mistakes, and it made it quite hard to read at times.Other than a few missteps, I really did enjoy reading this book and will be checking out the next book.
Slated - Teri Terry 3.5 starsInteresting enough to continue reading with a lot of action.My ARC wasnt 448 pages as it says on Goodreads. Not sure if they made it longer for the final edition. I would be interested to see what they added.
Mystic City - Theo Lawrence 2.5 stars